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What is a drum transcription ?

A drum transcription is a chart of music that contains the interpretation of the drums that you heard in a song. I analyze and listen the music or song very careful to produce my drum transcriptions. You can expect quality and precison in all of drum transcripions.

I need to pay for a drum transcription ?

Yes, for you to have free access to a transcription you have to buy it first. In this way i receive your support to keep going with my work. However i will make promotions and sometimes will giveway certain transcriptions FREE.

What payment method can i use to pay ?

In this moment is only available payment through PayPal plataform, however in the future will be possible to pay with other methods or plataforms.

When and how i will receive the drum transcription that i have bought ?

After you buy a certain transcription you will receive in your email address an email with all the resources related to transcriptions.

How can I be sure that you will sent the item ?

You can see a partial preview of all transcription in my website, so it can give you confort that i will not deceive you. If for some reason you didnt receive the item please report your problem

I have found errors and misprint in my transcription, what can i do about it ?

I am Human, so it is possible that you find any kind of error in the transcriptions. Every time you dig something pelase feel free to report Here

Can i suggest music to be transcribed ?

Yes, please i encourage to sugest new songs or music for me to be transcribed. I love to learn new things and listen new types of music. Please share your suggestions Here